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Creative app developer and native team lead, below covers both contract and permanent roles over the last 10+ years. Currently prefer to work in Kotlin and Dart/Flutter but experienced enough to develop across most platforms.


NBrown - Android Lead [August 2018 to Present]

Bringing NBrown’s e-commerce apps in house, working with legacy infrastructure and modernising the app offerings, transitioning from a webview heavy UX to a more modern ui, 100% Kotlin.


Boohoo - Android Lead [March 2018 - August 2018]

Bringing boohoo’s e-commerce apps in-house, greenfield project to polished ui in a short few months. White-labelled structure to supply multiple brands from a common codebase.

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Evestor - Android Developer [Jan 2017 - March 2018]

Developing evestor's Android app with Java + Kotlin:

Data driven app with offline-first design and complex custom graphs and ui throughout.

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One Iota - Head of Native [Jun 2015 - Dec 2016]

Managing the native team, developing modern e-commerce solutions with RxJava, Retrofit on Android and RxSwift, Alamofire on iOS. Responsible for new features and extensive refactoring of e-commerce apps with several million users.

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Degree 53 - Head of Native [Oct 2013 - Apr 2015]

Mobile Development Lead, managing the native team of ~10 developers (iOS and Android), developing Android apps, CI, Scrum Master, improving Android processes and patterns and occasional technical writing for the company blog.

Stack included: Volley, then a transition to Retrofit, Otto (back when event-buses weren't a code smell), and even a little early Kotlin.


Mubaloo - Technical Team Lead Android [Mar 2013 - Oct 2013]

Managing the Android team and also looking after other cross-platform projects (BlackBerry10, WP8)


RentalCars - Lead BlackBerry Developer and Senior Android Developer [2012 - 2013]

As part of a short-lived team helped develop three client apps (Android, BlackBerry and BlackBerry10), liaising with the server API and design teams, mentoring a junior developer, and taking the lead on both BlackBerry clients.


Penrillian - Contract Developer [2009 - 2012]

Various contracts, mostly on BlackBerry, including projects for T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone with the sadly missed Penrith company.


Vodafone (Wayfinder) - Contract Developer [2009 - 2010]

Creating a BlackBerry ui library for Vodafone's mapping products. Contract port via Sapient Nitro